Brow lamination in San Francisco is a very popular brow treatment today and is a great alternative to microblading because it doesn’t involve any blades or pigments. This technique is also known as brow perming and will give the appearance of a smooth, glossy, and “happy” brow. This is an ideal treatment for people who are intimidated by microblading or want something less permanent.

How Does Brow Lamination Work?

Our artist will apply a cream over your natural brows to lift the hairs and create a sense of volume. They will then brush the hairs up to create an illusion of volume. Our artist will make sure all hair strands point upwards in a uniform direction. We then apply a neutralizer to seal these brows before adding a layer of moisturizing oil over the brows. That helps reduce any sort of irritation.

You get glossy, fuller-looking brows in less than an hour. The effect of eyebrow lamination in San Francisco lasts for 2-3 months and can vary from one customer to another.

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