If you have sparse or light brows, microblading in Sacramento is a good choice for you. The treatment is very popular and produces great results, especially if you have dry to normal skin. You will get defined and natural-looking brows that will last for well over a year! At Brow Barbie, we have a team of trained brow artists. They will make sure you leave with gorgeous brows you love!

What Do You Need to Know About Microblading?

 Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that will give you filled-in and defined brows. The results can last for anywhere between 18 and 24 months, especially if you get regular touch-ups. The color will start to fade naturally over time.

The Sacramento microblading process is straightforward. Our brow artist will define the shape and size of the brow, apply a numbing cream, and then create hair-like strokes on your brows. We will insert the desired pigment into these strokes and wipe away the excess. The pigment settles in the topmost layer of your skin and remains for nearly 2 years, depending on your lifestyle and brow care.