Microblading is a very popular and effective way to add dimension and depth to your eyebrows. It is a semi-permanent makeup technique, which means you don’t need to touch up your brows every day to ensure they look perfect. A good artist will define the shape of your eyebrows and fill in the sparse areas with hair-like strokes. Brow Barbie has a team of expert artists that provide the best microblading in San Francisco.

How Does Microblading Work?

The microblading process is fairly straightforward. We will first apply a numbing agent to the area and then draw guidelines defining the shape and size of the brows. Our artists will always consult with you during this process to ensure you’re satisfied with the shape before they start microblading.

Microblading in San Francisco involves using a small blade tool to create thin and precise strokes on your brows. These strokes mimic the appearance of your hair, giving it a very natural appearance. We will fill those strokes with a pigment color that matches your natural hair. The pigment will settle into the topmost layers of your skin and become semi-permanent as your brows heal.

The microbladed brows will look a little dark and dense at first but once the skin heals and pigment settles, they will look more natural. Eyebrow microblading in San Francisco can take a few weeks to heal.